Entry Type 86: A Lower Cost Alternative to Section 321 For Importing Products

What other options exist, besides Section 321, for my online products?

In the last video, I went over the fabulous Section 321. While Section 321 shipments thus offer an opportunity to lower tariffs and other costs, in assessing this opportunity, companies should carefully consider the accuracy of the information provided for such shipments to avoid cargo holds and possibly seizures due to PGA or intellectual property compliance issues.

Companies should also be aware that CBP continues to consider the transmission of additional data elements by different entities at different times throughout the supply chain for Section 321 goods in advance of their arrival.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection system is adapting to this surge of importations. One of their solutions has been to implement a new entry-type 86 test. As a result of this wave of additional importations, CBP adapted by developing a new entry type to process these kinds of shipments.

A pilot program for entry type 86, which according to CBP yields faster clearances for Section 321 shipments, means fewer delays and lower costs. This test allows such shipments (including those subject to partner government agency data requirements) to be entered via a new informal entry type 86 in the Automated Commercial Environment. Using this entry-type test, shipments can be cleared quicker than it may typically take for clearance via manifest.

  • Entry Type 86 was the response from CBP to deal with this wave
  • Entry Type 86 allows you to import duty-free
  • Entry Type 86 is a great alternative to Section 321

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