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As Customs broker expert it is our duty and obligation to inform importers about the requirements not only by CBP but other government agencies when importing merchandise

into the U.S.A. By providing you with a better understanding of the requirements and obligations, that you as an importer you are bound to comply with all the applicable laws and regulations. For a more in-depth discussion on this matter, we encourage you to reach out to usat your earliest convenience.

• What would you do if your company has been selected for an audit?
• How do you prepare?
• What are the common errors that CBP has found out with other companies?
• What role does your Custom “expert” play?
• How can your Custom “expert” assist you?
• What steps you need to follow in order to select a Custom “expert” ?

One of our many roles as your Customs Broker Expert is to assist your company in navigating this quest and develop appropriate policies and procedures to establish compliance needed under The MOD Act.


• We can provide you with:
– Customs Clearance Nationwide
– In-bond
– Importer Security Filing
– Shipper Export Declaration
– Bonded Carrier
– Section 321

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