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Licensed Customs Broker & Bonded Warehouse Operator.


WMSically Adaptable.™

In a client-oriented culture, personal & technological innovation is a must.


Using Our ATI-Scope.™

We embrace progress and transparency; ATI-Scope enables you to have direct interaction with your clients.


Emerging Technologies.

Our up-to-date tool reservoir is key to better serve you.


The Benefits of being WMSically Adaptable.
In a client-oriented culture, personal & technological innovation
is a constant must.

With our WMSically Adaptable™️ data bridge, your information is transferred via API/EDI, or you can access our portal directly from the get-go. Avoid double data entry, reduce errors and diminish times & motions.
WMSically Adaptable™️ (or WMSy for short) offers a leaner operation with total inventory control and visibility in real-time.

You can also create various receiving/shipping points, process your In-Transit Receipts heading The Ace Group’s Warehouse, PO’s heading out from our facility, and reflect an accurate inventory in your ‘on-hand’ SKU’s.

Using Our

Adding what’s essentially our own.

TAG has developed a unique business strategy: ATI-SCOPE.
ATI-SCOPE (All-Time-Interaction) brings an integrated approach to support our clients assisting them in delivering

goods to be sold and increasing their direct interaction with their customers. Yes, no middle man, no middle woman.
Just you and your client.
Want to know how this works? Ask away my friend.

vs. Bureau-

A Blockchain tale.
In a client-oriented culture, personal & technological innovation
is constantly a must.

In our ever-changing ‘IoT’ environment, can you imagine what the future 5G will bring to us? We focus on keeping up to date with new security data protocols, such as blockchain technolog to maximize efficiency for our processes in the supply chain by reducing bureaucracy.

Allowing international trade partners participants a more transparent, efficient and verifiable permanent way of reviewing data transaction. Blockchain is simply defined as a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset.

& Services

Optimized shipping frequency for reduced transit time and costs

We go one step further and analyze your distribution activities and look for opportunities to optimize the frequency and type of transit to reduce transit times, cycles and costs. As well as coordinate your transportation services and identify the right carrier and method at competitive prices.
Ask for quotation.

is Key

API , EDI & other acronyms

Listen, we get it. It’s paramount to have Crystal Clear Communication with our business partners in order for us to have a thriving relationship and business.

We understand that each of them are unique and have specific needs. Through our personalized ERP we deliver our CCC (API / EDI). This is us. Building great bridges for amazing people.

TAG utilizes cutting-edge open source platforms such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to automate back office functions related to services, human resources, warehouse management, fulfillment, enhanced productivity and technology. TAG is able to accelerate business management processes and implementations in a shorter time. This allows for a swift transfer of data across multiple systems, thus increasing scalability while simultaneously lowering costs. Pretty nice, eh?.

ledge & XP

Beyond US Customs Brokerage

With over 50+ years combined experience and knowledge as a U.S. Customs Broker & Logistics, we are a very well versed entity of the supply-chainer realm.
This translates into an absolut comprehension of current rules and regulations, thus taking care of our business partner’s economy.

Our services extend beyond your basic 3PL logistics as we are also customs brokers who understand both sides of the trade no matter which country you’re exporting to.
In a nutshell! We understand the importance of getting out the orders on time and keeping clients in compliance.

Contact us to learn more about market expansion and unlock your potential savings.

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• Unnecessary Taxes (Duties):
Taking advantage of free trade agreements to minimize your duties. USMCA allows under rules of origin to integrate components and labor to qualify.

• Avoiding USMCA Paradox:
This paradox has become really important to understand and apply with additional duties that have been imposed on chinese materials.  US Customs & Border Protection  has taken a stand, even though products qualify under rules of origin, a substantial transformation has to occur in order to qualify.

• Section 321 (e-commerce)
With our deep understanding of Section 321, we can develop a customized plan to avoid paying duties, legally, if your company sells directly to

3/4PL Ware-

Beyond US Customs Brokerage.

The Ace Group’s reliable infrastructure removes the hassle of setting up your own 3/4PL Warehouse. Allowing you to focus on what matters most: Your business and your clients!

  • Automated systems
  • Real-time inventory data
  • Inventory management and procurement (VMI/CVMI)
  • Tailored-made Standard Operating Procedures
  • Cross dock, kitting, RMA’s processing
  • Marketing inserts, packaging and labeling
  • 3PL Shipping

Fulfillment Services
with Duty-Free Benefits

A platform that exceeds expectations.

The Ace Group assists E-commerce retailers and e-tailers with our platform take advantage of Section 321 program and save on their fulfillment costs when importing products from other countries and selling them in the USA or Mexico

If you’re importing products from Asia into the United States and are concerned about the effects that the new high tariffs will have on your products, such as pricing, profit margins and overall E-commerce business, our team can assist you.

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How this Works

  1. Your products ship from Asia to the U.S., to the West coast.
  2. The ACE Group prepares and coordinates all logistics to store your products in our own bonded warehouse in the U.S.
  3. The end consumer (your client) places an order on your web page
  4. Your system issues a shipping order via EDI, API or e-mail.
  5. The Ace Group executes an Order Fulfillment process at its own distribution facility.
  6. The Ace Group process and ships directly
  7. The ACE Group System provides you with tracking information via API.
  8. End consumers receive packages at their doorstep on your behalf.


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