5 Trends for the Future of eCommerce

November 30, 2021by admin0

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s time to think about what ecommerce trends you should be aware of for 2022. Last year, Shopify released a report titled The Future of eCommerce in 2021 which contains 5 Trends for the Future of eCommerce 2021. Though it’s a year old, we believe it still holds true for 2022.

Here are the 5 Trends for the Future of eCommerce, and below is a video which summarizes the findings in the report:

  1. Getting the basics right and simplicity. The pandemic accelerated online shopping since shopping malls were closed. That means many business, large and small, received more traffic than they were used to which demanded they have an easy user experience for shoppers to navigate their online stores; especially on mobile.
  2. Convenience. The pandemic also changed consumer behavior and expectations, demanding more convenience, which drove brands to adapt. It’s hard to replicate an in person shopping experience online, but that didn’t stop some brands from experimenting with AR and other technologies to make it more convenient for online shoppers to see how clothes might fit them before buying.
  3. Fulfillment is a differentiator. Consumers expect simplicity, convenience and speed of shipping. This last part, shipping, has forced brands to consolidate and strengthen their supply chain to fulfill orders.
  4. Brand websites must become destinations for shoppers. Brands don’t just compete with competitors for customer’s attention, marketplaces are a place where shoppers buy too. This has forced brands to freshen up their product pages, to build relationships through other channels, personalization and community.
  5. Focus on creating customer loyalty. Brands must focus on retention as acquisitions costs rise. Some ways they’re doing this is by rewarding their most loyal customers and by communicating with them directly.

What do you think? What was your experience this year, how did these trends affect your business and what did you do about it? How are you preparing for 2022?

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